Twin Beaks is the ongoing compilation of epic rock jams produced by Giulio "Nickelback Sucks" Quaglieri and featuring various musicians from in and around Toronto. No writing, no rehearsal... just improvised guitar rock experiments recorded in one take.

Genre: alternative ambient art-rock basement blues epic experimental fusion garage improvisational instrumental jazz live lo-fi original progressive psychedelic punk rock stoner soundtrack


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For best results, keep your headphones high and your expectations low.


Giulio Quaglieri
guitars, drums, bass, synth, misc. percussion

Mike Fanelli
drums & other percussion, synth

Steve Holub
bass, drums

Kendall Anderson
drums & other percussion

Tony Kagouras
bass, drums, guitar

Guest Appearances (by Chapter)

Edwin Chiu
bass (36, 39)

Glen Terrien
guitar, bass (14)

Moe Cullity
drums & other percussion (9, 14)

Jer Koch
guitar, bass, synth (10, 19)

guitar, drums (11, 12, 15, 18, 22, 40)

"El Cheapo"
guitar (36)

Noshir D'Almeida
bass (14, 22)

Mike Maiuri
bass, synth, bongos (3)

Myrtle Millares
piano (9)

James Ian Macdonald
guitar, bass (34)

Michael Hughes
guitar, bass, bongos (5)