Monday, October 31, 2011

Chapter 16: The Ten Talons of Transgression

TWIN BEAKS Chapter 16: The Ten Talons of Transgression
Released October 2011
Giulio Quaglieri: Guitars, Mellotron, Synth, Bass, Misc. Percussion
Mike Fanelli: Drums, iPod

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chapter 15: The Ancient Art of Emptiness

TWIN BEAKS Chapter 15: The Ancient Art of Emptiness
Released October 2011
Giulio Quaglieri: Guitars, Mellotron, Synth, Bass on 'Third Wave'
Lefty Radnor: Guitars
Mike Fanelli: Drums & Spice
Steve Holub: Bass
'Eat My Shrapnel' ©2011 Steve Holub

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chapter 14: Descent Of A Woman

TWIN BEAKS Chapter 14: Descent Of A Woman
Released October 2011
Giulio Quaglieri: Guitars, Bass, Bongos, Mellotron, Synth
Glen Terrien: Guitars & Bass
Moe Cullity: Drums
Mike Fanelli: Drums on 'Descent of a Woman'
Noshir D'Almeida: Bass on 'Descent of a Woman'
'Cat Versus Mouse' & 'I Am The Keymaster...' ©2011 Glen Terrien

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chapter 13: The Plague of Allegiance

SIDE A: The Boy & The Bandolier

Infernal: Each morning, the widow awoke to mocking sunlight promising a better day that would never come - while far below the earth, the devil woke, sipped his morning coffee and planned his day.

Veni Vidi Veni: Each night the stranger walked past the home of the man he took his revenge upon years ago, his memories consumed him with anger - and with the devil's help, drove him to enter and once again force himself upon the defenceless widow.

Giving Everything To Anyone: Each night the stranger arrived, the widow mother feared for the safety of her boy who was too young to defend himself - so rather than challenge the intruder, she closed her eyes and pleaded for the devil's interference, only intermittently losing focus and returning to the horrible reality atop her.

The Promise: The devil visits the young boy and presents a solution to which the boy accepts, and pledges his loyalty in gratitude.

Bandolier: After this, each night the stranger arrived to ravage the widow mother, the boy would sneak into the bedroom and steal 1 bullet from the stranger's pistol - until years later, when as a young man he had finally collected enough bullets to fill his dead father's Bandolier, along with the courage to challenge the intruder to a duel.

The Plague of Allegiance: Surprised to find that slaying his enemy had only increased his thirst for revenge rather than quenched it, the young man seeks out the devil once again - only to learn the true nature of the pact that has cursed him to forever walk the earth as the monster he tried to destroy.

Perseverance: Each night, someone prays to the devil to be released from their infernal cycle.

SIDE B: The Devil & The Discotheque

Welcome Waggin': The devil gets dressed for a night at the disco (bell-bottoms, trident)

Blushing Bribe: The devil arrives at the disco, crashes a bachelorette party and rallies everyone into his entourage.

50 Ways To Leave Your Liver: The devil starts a drinking contest - he downs 50 different shots, challenges others to follow, and watches gleefully as the drinks and competitors fall one by one.

Bastard's Boogie: The devil hits the dance floor and struts his stuff.

The Monkey's Fling: The devil takes several vomit-ridden girls into the men's washroom for more devious drunken debauchery.

TWIN BEAKS Chapter 13: The Plague of Allegiance
Released August 2011
Giulio Quaglieri: Guitars, Mellotron, Bass, Drums on some tracks
Mike Fanelli: Drums on most tracks, Synth

Monday, February 14, 2011

Chapter 12: The Corn, The Crow & The Cadaver

SIDE A: Jebediah & Archibald

Pitchfork Blues: On Jebediah's deathbed, Archibald vowed to watch over their beloved cornfield - but the untrusting Jebediah was unrelenting in his dying wish: to be buried among the corn stalks, so that his soul could eternally stand guard. So immediately following the funeral, Archibald found Jebediah’s old dusty pitchfork, and used it to clear a plot among the corn stalks to lay his brother's bones to rest.
The next morning, Archibald woke to find that crows had devoured all of the corn surrounding Jebediah's grave. Ever mindful of his vow (and ever fearful of infuriating his brother's ghost), Archibald quickly cobbled together a makeshift scarecrow - whistling a mournful but hopeful tune as he worked - and set it to stand vigilant over Jebediah's grave.

To Help & Back: But this scarecrow had none of the desired effect: for the next 30 days, the crows steadily consumed almost every last kernel of corn that had sprouted. Archibald was beside himself with anger and frustration, until one fateful night when his dreams were haunted by an apparition of his deceased brother. In the dream, Jebediah rose from his grave, devoured the crows in a horrible, bloodbathed featherstorm, and then returned peacefully to the earth.

Carrion Crawlers: This omen inspired Archibald to grab his crusty pitchfork and set out once more, this time to unearth his departed brother's bones and fashion a new, improved scarecrow. The maggot-ridden corpse he found underground at first discouraged him, but then he realized that the more hideous the scarecrow, the more effective it could be.

Eating Crow: The resulting mass of maggot-ridden limbs and loose straw, propped up against a knotted, rotted wooden beam, was quite frightening indeed. And as if that wasn't enough, Archibald then added the final touch: he placed a dead crow in the scarecrow's mouth.

The First Cult is the Deepest: But once again, the results were not what Archibald predicted. Instead of simply remaining lifeless and naturally repelling the crows, the new scarecrow uncannily sprung to life, and unnaturally used surprising charm to beguile the crows and organize them into a dark avian cult with which to carry out his unholy bidding. The crows, being naive, simple-minded bird-brains, were eager to follow the first leader they encountered.

Ambushed!: And the scarecrow's bidding (perhaps a twisted iteration of Jebediah's soul yearning to reclaim his beloved cornfield) was to overthrow the farm’s current caretaker, Archibald. So the trap was set, and when Archibald next came to tend to the crops, the crows burst out from hiding in the corn stalks and engulfed him in a whirlwind of terrorizing talons and pulverizing pecking.

The Last Straw: But Archibald, summoning all his strength to defend his brother's honour, and wielding his rusty pitchfork with the skill of a samurai, somehow managed to fight off the crows. Nearly pecked to death, limping, bleeding and gasping for breath, he then had just enough stamina and resolve remaining to dismantle the horrible scarecrow, clumsily but quickly separating the rotten flesh from the remains of the hay.

So Long, Suckers: Some time after that, Archibald set one final task to his trusty pitchfork. This time whistling a melancholy tune, he set out once and for all to bury his beloved brother, every crow cadaver that had fallen on the field, and every last infernal kernel of corn.

SIDE B: Genius is Mysterious


TWIN BEAKS Chapter 12: The Corn, The Crow & The Cadaver
Released February 2011
Giulio Quaglieri: Guitars, Mellotron, Synth, Misc. Percussion, Bass on some tracks
Steve Holub: Bass on most tracks
Lefty Radnor: Guitar on track 11
Mike Fanelli: Drums, Bongos