Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chapter 9: Moon Versus Man

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Short Bus into Space: The crew boards the spacecraft, setting off to explore the recently discovered second moon of the earth.

Meatier Shower: As they leave the earth's atmosphere, the spacecraft encounters formidable turbulence.

Moon versus Man: Landing on the moon, the crew are accosted by inquisitive moonfolk. Under the guise of being peaceloving beings, the moonfolk trick the earth crew into revealing their weapon technologies.

Escape Sequins: Finally realizing the moonfolks' true hostile intentions, the crew attempt to escape. Although pursued by moonfolk armed with moonpistols and firing consistently, the crew manages to make it back to their spacecraft and blast off...

Best Laid Planets Laid to Waste: ...only to be troubled by another, slightly calmer meteor shower, which they eventually realize (upon inspection and recognition of various spacejunks) is the remains of their former home.

Earth Remembered: Floating together in a circle within their orphaned spacecraft, the crew begins to reflect on their favourite memories of earth, and plot their revenge on the moonfolk.

TWIN BEAKS Chapter 9: Moon Versus Man
Released April 2010
Giulio Quaglieri: Guitars, Mellotron, Synth, Misc. Percussion
Steve Holub: Bass
Myrtle Millares: Piano
Moe Cullity: Drums

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chapter 8: Golden Horatio's Revenge

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Golden Horatio's Revenge - A Million Mudmen Murdered: When we last met Golden Horatio, he presumed he had slain who he assumed was his nemesis in defence of who he hoped would be his salvation. When in fact, he had rejuvenated who was actually his ally, in the name of the one who detested him more than anyone else in the world. When he returned and eventually sobered up, he learned of a new plague upon the land. For it seemed there loomed a growing menace from within the forest he excitedly exited. When the Mudman was severed into several slices by Horatio's serrated Golden Sword -- although it did horribly suffer -- it's soul never surrendered. For rather than expiring, each piece sank into the mud and was reborn anew as a new (albeit much smaller) Mudman. When Horatio heard of this, he of course took on the task of hunting down and obliterating every last one of the Mudminis, hoping for another chance to win the favour of the Forest Fairy (who he could only assume was at the Mudmob's mercy.)

Back Withe the Blacksmithe - Golden Horatio's Guide to Aquiring a New Sword: And so, after a brief visit to ye olde Blacksmithe, Golden Horatio went back to the forest to slaughter the Mudmasses.

The Pillaged Idiot: And to make sure the deed was done, but perhaps also to attract the attention of the missing Fairy Queen, he shishkebobbed their severed skulls and paraded through the only briefly quietened forest like some kind of Idiot.

...The Midas Crutch: And when the dust had settled, Golden Horatio noticed that his bloodlust was quenched, the forgotten Fairy was nowhere to be found, and everything he touched had gone to mold. And this time, he vowed, was the last time. And this time, for the first time, he was right.

TWIN BEAKS Chapter 8: Golden Horatio's Revenge
Released April 2010
Giulio Quaglieri: Guitars, Mellotron, Keyboards, Misc. Percussion
Mike Fanelli: Drums & Spice