Friday, June 10, 2016

Chapter 29: Dementisto


A Jar Of Teeth
The frugal prison dentist collects the teeth of the recently executed psychotic death-row inmates.

Weed & Tweed
The warden and the dentist exchange glances.

Ghoul In The Rain
When a violent electrical storm erupts, the prison's power goes down, and the convicts locked out in the rain begin to riot. Trapped in the mob, the warden fights to survive; after his teeth are knocked out, so is he.

The Fist & The Furious
The warden awakes in the dentist's chair.

The warden has his teeth replaced with the dentist’s own macabre collection.

Righteous Oxide
Slow and steady grins the face.

TWIN BEAKS Chapter 29: Dementisto
Released June 2016
Giulio Quaglieri: Guitars, Misc.
Tony Kagouras: Bass
Kendall Anderson: Drums

Chapter 28: The Botanist & The Bush

The Botanist & The Bush

Out Of The Pit: The botanist ventures outside his garden in search of a new bush.

The Curious Gorge: The botanist discovers the valley of a thousand shrubs.

Just A Phase In The Crowd: Overwhelmed in a sea of seemingly similar subjects, the botanist shrugs and plucks by proximity.

Sting Like A Bee: The botanist's first attempt to uproot the bush with brute force proves unfruitful.

Float Like A Butterfly: The botanist's second attempt involves first finessing the flowers, and is far more effective.

Through The Eye Of The Needle: The botanist discovers his green thumb.

Sweet & Sour Pork: The botanist trims the bush.

Goatzilla Versus The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man: Self-explanatory.

TWIN BEAKS Chapter 28: The Botanist & The Bush
Released June 2016
Giulio Quaglieri: Guitars, Misc.
Steve Holub: Bass
Mike Fanelli: Drums & Percussion