Friday, February 14, 2014

Chapter 23: Abomination at Absolute Zero

Tired of impatiently awaiting death after long, fruitless careers of failed arctic expeditions, the two retired mountaineers join in a pact to make one final push for fame and fortune: to venture to the snowy peaks of the northern wastelands and return with the hide of the elusive abominable snowman only spoken of in the legends they knew from childhood.
But soon after embarking on their frost-ridden journey and sequentially exhausting their rations of food, alcohol and sanity, they turn against one another...

TWIN BEAKS Chapter 23: Abomination at Absolute Zero
Released February 2014
Giulio Quaglieri: Guitars, Bass, Mellotron, Synth, Misc. Percussion
Mike Fanelli: Drums & Spice

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