Friday, August 14, 2015

Chapter 27: The Minotaur & The Matador's Wife

Part 1: Magdaline's Tale

The Flog Driver's Waltz
Magdaline, tired of only being bored, ignored or beaten by her husband the Matador, decides to extract her revenge in the form of an affair.

Romance, No Pants
Assuming quantity the quickest path to quality, Magdaline seeks out and joins an orgy.

Thiasus Magnus
While blindly groping in the dark for a suitable lover, Magdaline encounters a man like no other.

Great Caesar’s Ghost!
In the light of morning, Magdaline discovers that her mysterious lover was none other than the Minotaur. Despite intending only to quench their lust, the two fall in love and vow to be together.

Part 2: The Minotaur's Tale

Veni Uberibus
The Minotaur comes across the Matador’s Wife atop the Twin Peaks.

Veni Capillum
The Minotaur comes across the Matador’s Wife at the Widow's Peak.

Veni Asinus
The Minotaur comes across the Matador’s Wife in the Rectory.

Veni Reliqui
The Minotaur comes across the Matador’s Wife for what would be the last time.

The Sweetest Plumb
The Matador overhears the Minotaur describing his new love to his comrades, and becomes suspicious.

Be My Alibi
Afraid that the Matador suspects him, The Minotaur pleads with the other bulls to cover for him. They do not.

Part 3: The Matador's Tale

Do The Beartrap
The Matador sets a trap to catch his wife in the act of her adultery.

Private Dick In A Public Pool
The Minotaur and Magdaline are discovered while cavorting at the public bath house.

Don’t Halve A Cow
Magdaline pleads with her husband to spare the life of the Minotaur.

It Is Time To Cut The Bull
The Matador confronts the Minotaur and offers him a choice between death or castration.

Crossbows At Dawn
The Minotaur and the Matador meet in a duel to the death. The Minotaur fights for love and loses; the Matador fights for revenge and cheats.

Little Rogue’s Lullaby
The Matador’s Wife vows to be faithful to her husband forever, lest she meet the same fate - before slitting his throat as he sleeps.

TWIN BEAKS Chapter 27: The Minotaur & The Matador's Wife
Released August 2015
Giulio Quaglieri: Guitars & Misc.
Steve Holub: Bass
Mike Fanelli: Drums & Glockenspice

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